About Us

What is BoomTown Crypto?

A boomtown is a community that undergoes rapid population and economic growth – this sudden growth is normally attributed to the nearby discovery of a precious resource such as gold, silver, oil, or BITCOIN!

This rising asset class is a great opportunity for all that we don’t want you to miss out on. When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, it can be very challenging and confusing at times. There are so many different coins out there that many are invested in without any knowledge of the technologies themselves simply in hopes to go TO THE MOOON! At BoomTown, we see this as incredibly dangerous and believe in informed investing if looking for “Boomin” returns. 

We are a diligent, hard working team that is dedicated to bringing you the latest Cryptocurrency news and educational content so you can make the best informed decisions when investing. Our goal is to work together with our visitors and clients to provide as much help and education as we can. Our core principles are unity, community, transparency, and helping you find the answers to your Crypto questions and financial goals. We’re glad you’re here! 

Welcome to BoomTown.