The Case for Crypto Over Fiat

  • June 28, 2021

Government backed currencies, and the federal reserve are just a house of cards waiting to fall.

  1. All transactions can be tracked on the blockchain by all participants.No participant needs to “trust” another in order to transact
  2. Today there is a massive demand for alternative reserve assets for corporate and county treasuries. Nearly all other forms of liquid capital investment are losing value. Cryptocurrency is the only liquid asset that has appreciated consistently since its inception in 2009
  3. Bitcoin has been compared to a foreign bank account that has no minimum fees and is accessible to all whether you have $10 or $10 million dollars
  4. Younger generations moving up prefer digital money to physical money
  5. Major countries are increasingly using monetary policy as a weapon such as China. Countries locked out of the current dominant system will likely seek alternatives
  6. History provides thousands of examples of a fiat (government backed) currency failing. Historically, the longest lifespan of a government currency is 30 years. The dollar is the oldest successfully backed currency at just over 40 years. However this does not account for when the dollar was backed by the gold standard and then dropped in 1972

Governments of countries all over the world have stolen from their own people through unjust monetary policy for centuries. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency will help give an equal playing field to all, instead of people working hard their whole lives to make money only to have their purchasing power diminished as the government boosts the money supply year after year.

Fix the money. Fix the world.


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